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him to do to helm the flight. just moments, we are hearing from president obama live. he's expected to take questions on egypt for the first time in a joint news conference that's going to take place with the canadian prime minister, steven harper. nbc's chuck todd in the old executive office building. chuck joins us now to talk about this. we understand, though, is this something that the white house is going to talk about right away, the fact that egyptian officials and exit strategies they want for mubarak? what is the most feasible possibility? >> reporter: well, we do expect to hear something from the president on egypt, even potentially prepared remarks, robert gibbs at the press briefing, seemed to hint at that. but, yes, that's going to be among the obvious questions, which is what is the most recent thing that the american government has asked of mubarak. there was a cryptic news report out of egypt that the vice president, suleiman, said there would not be transfers of powers, implying that somebody asked that there be some transfer of power from mubarak to suleiman or per
of the day. our question to you is about president obama's faith. he spoke about it today, addressing the belief by some that he is a muslim and not a christian. carol costello is here. he keeps facing the same question. >> i know, he does. president obama got personal abouts had faith his morning at the national prayer breakfast, talking about how accepted jesus christ in his life and a poll shows that only a minority of americans know he is a christian and a growing number of americans who believe she a muslim. the white house says his speech is not in response to those who love to call him barack hussein obama. >> my christian faith has been a sustaining force for me over these last few years. all the more so when michelle and i hear our faith questioned. from time to time. we are reminded that ultimately what maurtters is not what othe people say about us but whether we are being true to our conscience and god. >> according to pugh research half of americans correctly identify the presidents a christian. here is your time to talk back. what will it take for people to believe presi
yule -- annual national prayer breakfast, president obama said the u.s. is mindful of the violence in egypt. >> and we pray the violence in egypt will end and that the rights and aspirations of the egyptian people will be realized. and that a better day will dawn over egypt and throughout the world. >> in recent days, the omaga -- obama administration is calling on mubarak to accept change and to transition to a more democratic system and president obama urged restraint on all sides amid the escalation there. >>> talk about the economy. president obama wants americans to switch to clean energy. they called on businesses to invest in clean energy technology and said go -- the tax credit if commercial buildings are more energy efficient and hopes they will create jobs and help the environment. >>> it was a brazen heist at the bellagio. a man caught on camera stealing $1.5 million in casino chips. now, police say that they know who he is. >>> plus, a burglary suspect caught in montgomery county. that guy probably would still be free right now. if he was not so greedy and oh, so forget
theories involving collaboration by the two president bushes and president obama or all three in fact in a muslim world order. this weird fight is our gripping top story tonight. next, donald rumsfeld, former defense secretary has been promoting a book in which he says, contrary to the facts, it was president bush who first pushed fighting the war in iraq after 9/11 when it was, yes, mr. rumsfeld yourself, sir. plus you want to know what's behind the sudden pressure to get jeb bush to run for president? hopelessness, less to do with bush himself than the republican field of next turners out there and second raters who pose a weak challenge to president obama next year. also, who would have thought the challenge to the health care bill would come from senate democrats? tonight the four moderates out there and some who may have more to say about killing, the key individual mandate in the bill than all the republicans put together. let me finish tonight with that big announcement in philly today that the country is going to actually build, really build, a fast national train system. let'
's to step down immediately. the obama administration says not so fast. if mubarak left office right now, it could've been as the transition to democracy. human rights watch says nearly 300 people died in the past two weeks of protests. a google executive detained by the egyptian government last month was released. he says he was behind a facebook posting that sparked the protests. >>> president obama will release his budget a week from today. >> it remains focused on creating jobs. emily schmidt has that story. good morning. >> good morning. president obama is telling the business community that he wants to see them hang out more help- wanted signs to the american workers, but critics say that is a tough sales spits in this economic and political climate. his visit to the chamber of commerce was the first since he took office. he spoke of some strong disagreements. he said american companies had $2 trillion sitting on their balance sheets and this is the time to invest. it's 30-minute speech drew only two rounds of applause. thomas speaker john boehner said in a statement after the spee
and the eventual lift of egypt's emergency law. back here in the u.s., president obama sad s.a.t. down with fox news host bill o'reilly for a one-on-one interview. >> mr. obama says even though he doesn't know what egyptian president hosni mubarak plans to do, country is not going to be the same. >> egypt is not going to go back to what it was. the egyptian people want freedom. they want free and fair elections. they wasn't representative government. they want a responsive government. what we've said is you have to start a transition now. >> reporter: president obama also said it is important not to say that our only two options are the muslim brotherhood or to suppress the egyptian people. >>> checking out top stories, 15 people rounded up in a prostitution bust in the district. this happened saturday after police serveed a warrant on an apartment building in the 3100 block of georgia avenue northwest. two people were charged with operating a house of prostitution. another 13 face either solicitation or profit tuesday charges. owner of the building tells fox 5 he never saw anything unusual or
: good morning, and welcome to "washington journal" on this monday, february 7, 2011. president obama will -- the chamber of commerce today for the first time as commander in chief. we will carry that live this morning on c-span at 11:30 a.m. our question to start "washington journal" -- should president obama court of the business community? the numbers to call -- let's take a look at a peace in "usa today" talking about the president's address at the chamber of commerce. obama faces business leaders. host: should the president of the business community? matt, caller from manhattan. what do you think the president should do here? caller: i think he ought to stand up to the business community once and for all. big business, corporations, don't pay taxes. corporations write their own regulations. the regulation is there should be no regulation. they are masters at obtaining what they once a through the government'. and if president obama had any hutzpah backbone, he would be in their face and represent the individual taxpayer. again, thank you for c-span. host: caller from illinois. we
done by the blizzard of obama administration job- crushing which it -- regulation. but we cannot today to what needs to be done for our country. so as we prepare for starting today for the next 21 months, i ask you to remember the words of my fellow mississippian, fred smith, the founder and ceo of that act. fred says, "the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing." [laughter] [applause] and the main thing is electing a republican president next year. [applause] we cannot put america on the right track until we elect a republican president in 2012. and a republican senate to join the republican house in enacting those crucial policies. we will not have the policies that lead to economic growth, job creation, smaller government, lower taxes, less spending, rational regulations, and the stronger american presence in the world in every dimension until we had a republican president to lead for those right policies, the ones that will achieve the right results for america and the world. namaste, the reckless policies of the obama administration and the left-wing congress has brou
right now, is that enough to satisfy the people. >> and president obama weighed in. >> he sure did, and what he's encouraging is a transition of power sooner than later. let's hear from both presidents tonight. >> it is not the role of any other country to determine egypt's leaders. >> only the people of egypt can do that, and now their president has heard them. >> i have spent enough time in my life serving egypt and its people. >> egyptian president hosni mubarak tried to bring order back to his country saying he won't run for office again. >> i intend to work in the remaining months of my presidency in order to have measurements taken for a peaceful transition of power under the constitution. >> the news came after massive protests throughout egypt. opposition leaders claimed they rallied more than a million people. but if president mubarak stays until the end of his term in september, many marchers say it's not soon enough. in cairo, they hung mubarak in effigy, nearly unthinkable in egypt just weeks ago. >> we will not leave this square until mubarak leaves egypt as soon as po
poll will be. no, it will not be obama. thank you. >> one feature of the conservative political action conference every year is the presidential straw poll, voted on by those who attend the conference. the top winners are the same as last year. ron paul got 30% of the vote followed by mick rahm 8 with 23 percent of the vote. former new mexico governor gary johnson and new jersey governor christie receive 6% of the vote. last year pottery third-place finisher was former lasted governor syrup island. this year she finished ninth with 3% of the vote. next, former white house press secretaries to talk about life in the white house. then the white house congressional dinner. after that from the conservative political action conference, mississippi governor haley barbour. now, a discussion of the role of the white house press secretary. we will hear from michael mccurry and dee dee myers preserved under president clinton and president george w. bush's press secretaries dana perino and frank sesno. george washington university's school of media and public affairs posted this event. it
it for yourself. >>> and president obama says protesters in egypt have options. you'll hear his latest strategy on the stalemate in the news right now. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm don lemon. the top story, it's now early morning in cairo. pro democracy demonstrators entrenched in tahrir square. listen to that. you can hear it. soldiers fired warning shots over the square when demonstrators began surging toward army tanks. and elsewhere modest signs that life is slowly returning to normal for many egyptians. banks opened for the first time in ten days allowing people and businesses to withdraw cash. >>> president obama talked about democratic reform in egypt. he was asked about the potential role of the muslim brotherhood in a new egyptian government. take a listen to what he said. >> i think the muslim brotherhood is one faction in northern egypt. they don't have the majority support but they are well organized but there are strains of their ideology that are anti-u.s., there's no doubt about it. here's what we have to understand. there are a whole bunch of secular folks in egypt. there are
plata high school. >>> president obama is heading up i-95 to baltimore county to talk money and education tomorrow. the president and education secretary arnie duncan and jack lou will head to parkview middle school. the school has a focus on science and technology and math which the president wants to invest in. he wants to cut other programs to increase education spending. >>> egypt military cabinet is trying to restore security. they met to talk about priorities in bringing the nation back to order after 18 days of protests. already they've dissolved the egyptian parliament and suspending the constitution, two key dehe mands from the pro -- to key demands from the protestors. but something is building in an already unstable country. we're talking about iran. >> with rally cries about cairo, protestors in tehran are getting ready to take to the streets. peter ducey explained their demands. >> iranians are spay painting the street signs in iran. they have seen what their neighbors in egypt and tunisia have done and after the liz lambic revolution which topped the shaw of ir
about the first family today. up next after a break, why the obamas, like a lot of other parents, have made one very popular place off limits for their two girls. >>> the winter of our discontent continues tonight with texas, oklahoma, kansas, arkansas, right there in the middle of it. up to two feet of snow have fallen in the region today. parts of oklahoma, like tulsa town, have set all-time records for snowfall. temperatures are 25 degrees below normal. schools, airports, government offices, businesses all closed and blowing snow made driving absolutely impossible in some places. and remember these are a lot of places not used to conditions like this. >>> last night we told you about a new revelation from first lady michelle obama. she said and with certainty really for the first time her husband, the president, has quit smoking. well, this morning in an interview with matt lauer here on the "today" show, the first lady revealed there's still no facebook in their household for the obama girls. >> sasha and malia, are they on facebook? >> no. >> is that because of who they are or bec
to clinton to george w. bush to barack obama, americans have been told they were at war because al qaeda and its allies are motivated by hatred for liberty, way of life and space institutions. this is a palpable and lethal why. we are being attacked because of the half century relentless innovation and the muslim world. it is in the can of the defense pact 50 years of intervention that we find the main motivation of america's islamist enemies as well as the principal organizational glue that provides the modicum of unity to the movements always fragile cohesion. the islamist motivation is to be found in the perception of u.s. foreign policy as an attack on the islamic religion and its followers. this is a view that is held not only by those carrying the ak-47s, but its extensive polling by reliable western pollsters as reliable by nearly 80% of all muslims worldwide, young and old, moderate and militant, men and women. nell minnow american must accept the islamist indictment of the entire muslim intent of the foreign policy. but to defeat the economic ruin and the widespread domestic vio
. >> ron alan live in cairo, egypt. just over an hour from now, president obama is expected to field questions about reports that his administration is working to broker a deal to remove president mubarak from power. several reports say the white house and egyptian officials are discussing a plan that would remove mubarak immediately while leaving newly-appointed vice president omar suleiman to take t reins in a back shift of power. mike, what else are you hearing regarding this q&a session with the president? and also the president will probably get questions on the finger pointing. many are questioning why the intelligence was not there to perhaps predict or lead us to know more about what was apparently around the corner with these protests. >> reporter: that's right. one of the top cia officials yesterday appeared before a senate committee hearing and got a grilling, why they weren't paying closer attention in the view of some senators like ron wyden and diane feinstein, two democrats, why they did not pay closer attention to social media. that was driving the organizational eff
teachers. it's ruining our education system. >> schieffer: what do you think of president obama's plans to reform education? at the federal level? his let's reward good teachers, his, you know, the things that secretary duncan has outlined. are you generally think he's on the right track? >> i do. i've said that publicly. i think the president has shown real courage especially for a democrat who has been dependent upon the teachers union nationally. for political support to come out for merit pay and race to the top and some of the things he's done to push reform. i think the president has been on the right track. i'm concerned about comments i heard yesterday from secretary duncan that seemed to be blowing the horn of retreat on that a little bit. i hope that's not an election year ploy to cozy back up to the unions as the president prepares for re-election. in general i think the president has been very strong on this. that's why you see republicans agreeing with him on it. >> schieffer: you have a reputation as a straight talker i think. do you believe that the budgetary problems acr
, but the obama administration says if he left office right now, it could jeopardize the transition to democracy. human rights watch says nearly 300 people died so far in the protests and a google manager detained by additional parties last month was released. he says he was behind a facebook pace that helped spark protests. >>> president obama will release his budget one week from today. >> the white house says the president remains focused on the concern of voters and that is creating jobs. emily schmidt joins us live from north west washington with more. good morning. >> good morning. president obama is telling members of the business community he wants to see them hang out more help wanted signs to help the american workers. critics say that is one tough sell in this political and economic environment. the president spoke to the u.s. chamber of commerce yesterday, his first visit there since he took office. he said that there is strong disagreement, but american companies have a $2 trillion amount sitting on their balance sheet and that's why this is the time to invest. two * of applause dur
, policy priorities, have been completely upset by this development. the obama administration came into office two years ago planning to work on israeli- palestinian peace, planning to engage with iran to try to prevent the emergence of iran as a nuclear power and frankly, it had no interest in what it saw as the failed freedom agenda of george bush. what we now see is that these demands for change in the region for democratic governments in the region have forced a's selves onto obama a agenda. he has chosen wisely to get on the right side of this and to be in favor of the spread of democracy and human rights in the region. i think the administration is playing catch up. they are trying very much to show they were on top of these issues all along and were in favor of these things all along, but to be honest, there was not much attention and much priority given to these issues to what was happening inside arab countries and change that might be coming from inside arab countries. there was not much attention given to that at all. over the last couple of years. the two other issues t
to the white house. today president obama is hosting canadian prime minister steven harper. we are being flagged that really in a matter of minutes he will deliver remarks on egypt. we're told maybe two questions. i want you to remember that what he said on tuesday, i want to take you back three days after speaking by phone with president mubarak. listen to this. >> what is clear and what i indicated tonight to president mubarak is my belief that an orderly transition must be meaningful, it must be peaceful, and it must begin now. >> dan lothian, live for me at the white house. dan, as we're all sort of waiting for those remarks from mr. obama, does the white house want mubarak out right now, or do they believe the egyptians still need a little time to get their ducks in a row, if you will? >> reporter: well, listen, that is a question that we have been asking the white house now for quite some time, and they simply won't talk about it publicly. they talk in broad terms about the need for this peaceful transition to occur, but not saying specifically that hosni mubarak himself should ste
colombia of 20 years ago. president calderon and president obama said she is wrong. are they the ones who are wrong? nick, tell me what happened to these three boys who were gunned down? >> reporter: there was a shootout at a used car dealership in juarez, mexico just on other side of the boarder from el paso, texas. these boys were among the people that were killed there. shoot yous are happening everyday unfortunately in -- shootouts are happening everyday unfortunately in juarez. one thing to keep in mind this is an extremely violent city. many mexicans have been killed. last year 31,000 people, in juarez got killed in these sorts of incidents. >> greta: nick, were the three suspected to be part of some drug transact or totally innocent bystanders and caught in the crossfire at this dealership? >> reporter: they are investigating this case. the answer to that isn't known. one thing to keep in mind a lot of people are killed, sometimes by drug traffickers sometimes not. one sadly similar case happened last year around this time, there were a number of students, 15 of them, who were kill
the president. i was traveling with him yesterday to marquette, michigan. late into the evening president obama when he returned to the white house was in meetings with his national security team. you look at yesterday afternoon when president obama was speaking to the crowd in marquette, michigan. he seemed quite hopeful that president mubarak would go quite a bit further than he actually did. president obama saying to the crowd there that we are witnessing history unfold and this is a moment of transformation. by the evening a decidedly different tone and lengthy statement the president put out. almost a point by point almost rebuttal to president mubarak's message. i'll read you a portion of it that the president put out. president obama saying too many egyptians remain unconvinced that the government is serious about a genuine transition to democracy and responsibility of the government to speak clearly to the egyptian people and the world. president obama goes on to say the egyptian government must put forward a credible, concrete and unekwif cal path and they have not yet seized that oppo
of this network. we appreciate it, margaret. we are standing by for a joint news conference with president obama and the canadian prime minister and we will bring that to you when it starts and we believe egypt will be a topic of discussion. and the obama administration has been talking about a transition of power and we got alerts last night saying that the united states is working on a transition of power, something about bringing in the vice president and making it an orderly affair, but, can that be done? what remains to be seen? we will get the behind the scenes look from the former u.s. ambassador to egypt on a very busy friday afternoon as "studio busy friday afternoon as "studio b" continues here in 90 secondst the new motorola bravo. no, not its brilliant touch screen or android operating system. ok go ahead. it's just $49.99. only from at&t. rethink possible. the morning after the big move starts with back pain... and a choice. take advilow... and maybe up to 4 in a day. or, choose eve and 2 pills for a day free of pain. smarmove. ♪ >>shepard: president obama met earlier today with t
the flavor in there. and, you know, obama, although he said he would be here if the bears got through says now he feels a little love for the steelers, which i just don't think you're allowed to say. i think he's got to be gung ho bears fan or not. >> i might be with you on that one, darren. didn't your mother ever tell you to get out of the cold? come on. thank you, my friend. >> you've got to do your job, you have to do your job. >> thank you, darren. >>> much more on the continuing protests in cairo as nightfalls there. we'll have a live report from richel engle coming up. later, more on the big game sunday. we have a look at ourp how super boel ads, they're more than 30 seconds of airtime. >> these are mini movies that the whole family can look forward to. of course, this year they are bigger, raceyer and funnier. >> raceyer? >> raceyer. and some are on the web because they are too hot to handle for tv. a sneak peek at those commercials because everybody will be talking about them on monday. >> we are not doing it. >> we've got godaddy commercials before. >> yeah, but this is over the
in this place. >> reporter: the obama administration is reportedly talking with egyptian officials about ways to resolve the crisis. their discussions are said to include having mubarak step down now, instead of when his term expires in september. secretary of state hillary clinton condemned the violence thursday, and called for a smooth political transition. >> the egyptian people expect a meaningful process that yields concrete changes. >> reporter: u.s. lawmakers also turned up the pressure. >> stop the blood-letting, let's start a peaceful transition to a free and open society. >> reporter: but on the streets of cairo, few are listening to calls from the outside world. focused, instead, on the battles pitting egyptian against egyptian for the future of their country. and in washington, the debate between democrats and republicans on this issue is somewhat muted. that's because they both view egypt as an ally in the middle east. they also want democracy for the country. but they also are both concerned about the possibility of extremist influence in a post-mubarak government. terrell? >> i
you for those observations. i enjoyed that very much. >> president barak obama set congress a $3 trillion budget today. it calls for $1 trillion in savings over the next decade with tax increases. he explains what's in the budget and what's getting cut. that's coming up in 15 minutes here on c-span2. in the meantime, looking at president obama's at a middle school in baltimore talking about the budget plan. this is about 10 minutes. >> well, good morning, everybody. i am here at parkville middle school and center of technology outside of baltimore with secretary arnie duncan and jack lou. we are unvailing the budget, and doing so for a reason. i want to thank principal buddy parker for showing us around and as well as the 8th grade science teacher who we just visited with in her classroom. over the last few weeks, i've traveled the country talking about what we need to do to win the future, talked about the need to invest in innovation so that the next big idea is discovered here in the united states of america. i've talked about the need to invest in high speed rail and high-spe
. >>> president obama unveiled his 2012 budget yesterday. though it contains more than a trillion dollars in cuts over a decade, gop lawmakers say the reductions just don't go far enough. nbc's brian mooar reports. >> 200 some pages, $3.7 trillion. this is president obama's 2012 spending plan. you guys are doing great work. keep it up. i'm proud of you. >> reporter: and at a middle school in baltimore, he fired the first shot in the battle over budget cuts. >> we have a responsibility to invest in those areas that will have the biggest impact in our future. >> referee: he wants to invest in education and other areas, like research, building nuclear power plants and encouraging electric cars. republicans say america just can't afford it. >> it's a plan that says fulfilling the president's vision of a future of trains and windmills is more important than a balanced checkbook. >> reporter: the president's plan cuts $1 trillion from the deficit over ten years, cuts in defense, community block grants and home heating assistance programs to the poor. even the white house acknowledges its budget isn't t
. if these three mayors want to drink the kool-aid of janet napalitano and barack obama, go ahead. we have had in our county, the number-1 county for drug and human smuggling in all of america. we have seen confiscation of drugs more than double. the calls to the border patrol more than double. we have seen pursuits go from 140 high-speed chases of cop cars, to 340 just in one of my patrol regions. i used to say there is 25 to 50 lookout posts where cartel member scouts are owning high points or mountains in my county, 70 miles north of the border. and we just had a briefing. i sat with senator mccain. and people who work for janet napa politano, they say it's more than double, at least 75, as many as 100 mountains in america where these cartels provide safe passage for their drug trafficking. how have we arrived at a point in america that this has gone on? >> sheriff, i want to ask you, you i want to make a correction uit's babeu -- >> that's fine, greta. >> is this letters that the mayor sent you, one of the things they are critical of and you they want to you shut up is that they say it dam
proceeds. new fallout now from what critics call a shocking power grab, reacting to president obama's decision that the defense of marriage act, which defines marriage as between a money and a woman, is unconstitutional and that the department of justice will no longer defend it. and this man is hoping to convince a major u.s. city to outlaw circumcisions on baby boys. and if you are a big believer in aliens, you are probably in arizona right now, where the annual international u.f.o. convention is taking place. we have an inside ticket. [ female announcer ] it's lobsterfest. the one time of year red lobster creates so many irresistible ways to treat yourself to lobster. like our new lobster-and-shrimp trio with a parmesan lobster bake, our decadent lobster lover's dream with both sweet maine and buttery rock lobster tails and eleven more choices, each served with a salad and unlimited cheddar bay biscuits. come celebrate lobsterfest right now at red lobster. megyn: welcome back, folks. 1:21 here in the east. we're tracking a tense showdown between israel and iran. iranian warships
obama has been quietly petitioning restaurants to rethink their children's menu. consider an average 8-year-old should consume 1,500 calories a day. ruby tuesday's kids' mac and cheese has half a day's calories. applebee's mini cheeseburgers, 720 calories. add kid sized fries and milk, almost a day's calories in a single meal. >> junk food with pepperoni pizzas, cheese everywhere, soda pop in huge cups. that's the way to raise an obese generation of kids. and we're doing a pretty good job of it. >> reporter: sharyn alfonsi, abc news, new york. >> this comes on the heels of a news a few days ago a doctor saying we feed kids rice cereal too much, that's a bad carbohydrate leading to obesity. lots of advice out there for what not to feed the kids. >> they did poll mothers. they asked mothers what their babies were eating at certain marks of life. a lot of time you think this research doesn't correspond with real kids. this was done with real kids. >> absolutely. this is the one year anniversary of when michelle obama launched her anti-obesity initiative. hopefully we're getting thinner an
on behalf of his wife who was wounded in a mass shooting in tucson last month. president obama will also speak at the event. congresswoman giffords remains at a rehappen hospital in houston. kelly has said that his wife is making progress. >>> also on the schedule today, better ben narky is speaking at the national press club at 12:30 and will take some questions. most of those in the audience of course will be journalists. >>> it's 5:07. 30 degrees out there. ahead tough choices in northern virginia where cuts to public safety are on the table. >> also this morning it's ice cold and the roads are pretty treacherous. weather and traffic after the break. >>>and next, too much to take. a building buckles under a lot of snow. >>> take a look at this this amazes video from easton, massachusetts. a building just collapses. officials say a month's worth of snow collected and it couldn't hold it. employees say they saw debris falling and realized the roof was caving if on them. everybody got out in time and no one was hurt. >> a t. doesn't even look like there's really that much snow up will. i
. i have seen the signs where people are demanding that president obama take a stand on mubarak leaving. do they want these global leaders to usher mubarak out? >> you know, the people have two different minds on this. some sort of see the international community and different leaders as being in a way irrelevant. they feel strongly about their demands and the fact that this is a popular movement that comes out of egypt for egyptians. in this regard, they view these statements as being irrelevant. but at the same time, they definitely feel frustrated by the fact that the united states has been deporting mubarak and supporting the regime. they did want the united states specifically to take a much m e momor more -- stance to side with the people. >> good luck, mona. dan murphy, my thanks to you as well. >>> my big question today, does the u.s. risk pushing mubarak into a corner by demanding immediate negotiations for a transition? we'll explore that this hour. i would love your thoughts on that. reach me on facebook, twitter and on e-mail. we are getting news
in egypt. reports out of washington this morning that president obama will speak about all of this to the nation in a news conference today. we're waiting for details on that. the white house is said to be working behind the scenes to prevent the egyptian government from a total collapse. president obama has called on president mubarek to listen to the demands of his people. >>> and it is being called a day of departure in egypt. mass demonstrations that are supposed to convince president mubarek to leave office. listen to some of this: >> [. >> the streets are jammed with protestors at this hour, at least 200,000 people are the estimates we're getting. always tricky to get a handle on the numbers, of course. they say they will not leave until mubarek steps down. we have heard all week that friday is the day that they expect him to leave his post leland vitt ser streaming live from cairo: >> good morning, martha. it's a very different scene here today. obviously, because of where we are. we've now come to a secure location. so many journalists have been beat up, so much equ
during the evening tonight. back to you. >>> president obama sat down with fox's bill o'reilly for a one-on-one interview last night before the super bowl. they talked about the crisis in egypt, health care reform and even the president's popularity. mr.obama says, even though he doesn't know what egyptian president hosni mubarak plans to do, the country is not going to be the same. >> egypt is not going to go back to what it was. the egyptian people want freedom. they want free and fair elections. they want a representative government. they want a responsive government. so what we've said is you have to start a transition now. >> reporter: president obama also talked football. he wouldn't say who he was rooting for in the super bowl, just that he was looking for a good game. and he got one. will thomas was on the hill with more on how the super bowl played out for these super fans. >> reporter: it is a super bowl rivalry on pennsylvania avenue. this section on capitol hill called super bowl avenue, how can and do have behind me considered the packers bar. just six doors down, you will f
think he doesn't run. in part because obama doesn't look as beatable after the elections. >> he doesn't want to be president of the united states so he can be on the senate finance committee? i don't know about that. >> there's nothing more titillating. >> let's talk about john huntsman. he's putting a cramp on mitt romney's bid here. >> essentially we have a mormon primary between huntsman and romney, both of whom are mormons, both of whom are from utah. they have a long relationship. there's some tension between the two of them. they're viewed very differently inside the state. i saw a poll in the last 24 hours that says romney is much more popular with republicans than huntsman. romney is much more religious, much more identified with the clutch than huntsman is. he gave an interview some time ago to "fortune" who that said i'm not that religious. >> always a good sign when a guy runs away from the church. not really that religious. stuff that i group up on. the faith of my fathers, nah, not for the next 12 months. i mean, come on. come on, seriously? >> remember romney, that was a
often leaves women with lasting arm swelling, stiffness and pain. >>> president obama has fought a long battle with cigarettes. and apparently, he's winning. the first lady says mr. obama has not smoked in nearly a year. but there's still no word on when that first anniversary is. mr. obama said the president wants to be able to tell his daughters that he is not a smoker. >>> one of the army's most high-profile soldiers is calling it quits. medal of honor recipient, sal giunta, is leaving the military to attend college in colorado. giunta is the first living service member from the wars in afghanistan or iraq, to receive the nation's highest military honor. >>> as unlikely as it sounds, an immigration paperwork issue may end the season of one of florida's best high school basketball teams. the team was forced to forfeit all the games in this 19-year-old brian delancy played. the problem, is that delancy came to the school three years ago from the bahamas. and the school never filed the right eligibility paperwork for him to play. an appeal is their last hope. >>> as for other hoops team
they see coming from leaders like president obama, when he campaigned in 2008, the trade costs jobs. that puts a tremendous amount of pressure on you and on me and everybody else up here when we try to tell them no, exporting and trade actually is going to grow our economy. and i think the president is disadvantaged when it now he says we're going to grow the economy by exporting, and by the way, not talking about trade agreements, because he is one of many who has said trade has cost us hundreds of thousands of jobs. .. it can create more jobs in america and create a better america for all of us and our kids. >> you heard mr. brady talk about my work as a mayor. i always pride i covered myself with my principle the truth is always an option. unfortunately, i don't know that either one if you think this is wrong. one thing we are doing is going to places like cleveland and detroit, not just going to dallas and washington and others in talking truthfully about what the promise of treaties. but it also means that we have to have a less tenure to go see we need help. one of the things
say that president obama was a very good man, he thought, but he didn't think that president obama understood the egyptian culture. and you don't understand what would happen if i resigned today. he said once he heard the demands of the people, that they were legitimate demands, he had made the decision to step aside. and he said he felt relief after that. i did say, where would he go after he stepped down? he said, egypt. this is my home. he didn't care what people were saying about him right now. he cared only about his country, about egypt. and when the time comes, he would die in egypt. and i got the sense today, though, there was an edge, obviously, to what's going on. there was an inner tension. but also, a sense of resignation, that whatever happens happens. and whatever their fate may be, so be it. >> truly extraordinary interview there. >>> and for days, the crowds were large, but peaceful. that all changed this past wednesday. >> on youtube, we're now seeing exactly what it was like insidet liberation square that night. a a place, now too dangerous for news cameras. >> of
. the u.n. security council meets this afternoon, right here in new york. >> president obama has been consulting with top european leaders over possible sanctions against the libyan regime. emily schmidt is in washington with more on the crisis. good morning, emily. >> reporter: rob and peggy, good morning to you. diplomats say they are not ruling out any options on sanctions. this means that libya's dictator could soon face more resistance from abroad, to go along with the uprisings at home. libyan anti-government protesters are moving closer to their capital, closer to moammar gadhafi's last area of control. and they say, they're united. >> there's no division between us. all one team. and we'll fight as one team, until we die or he's out. >> reporter: gadhafi shows no signs of leaving voluntarily. in a call to state tv, he says the protesters were on drugs. and blamed al qaeda for the uprising. >> translator: it is bin laden who is duping your sons. this is a fact. >> reporter: this independent video from an eastern port city earlier this week shows the force of people fighting for
about the first family today. up next after a break, why the obamas, like many other parents, have -- made one very popular place off limits for their two kids. i like to make my own investment decisions. excuse me, what is that? oh, i'm a fidelity customer. okay, but what does it do? well, it gets me the tools and research i need to help me make informed decisions. with fidelity, i can invest in stocks, bonds, all at a great price. wow. yeah, wow. ♪ [ male announcer ] fidelity investments. turn here. it's your fault. naturally blame the mucus. [ mucus ] try new advil congestion relief. it treats the real problem. reducing swelling due to nasal inflammation. new advil congestion relief. >>> the winner of our discontent continues tonight with texas, oklahoma, kansas, arkansas, right there in the middle of it. up to two feet of snow have fallen in the region today. parts of oklahoma have set all-time records for snowfall. temperatures are 25 degrees below normal. schools, airports, government offices, businesses all closed and blowing snow made driving absolutely impossible in some
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